LDT regularly seeks new trainees or employees who have outstanding academic references and boast sound knowledge of foreign languages.

An additional degree in our preferred subject areas (XXX) is a considerable bonus. This can be earned after recruitment.

Because the firm maintains privileged links with the university and scientific world, trainees and employees swiftly receive the opportunity to take part in publications, training courses or seminars in their preferred subject areas.

More generally, particular attention is paid to the status of trainees and young employees, who may appear at the forefront in dossiers straight away or plea before the various attended courts, with colleagues at their side to provide attentive and personalised support.

The firm is mindful of justly highlighting the dedication and qualifications of its trainees and employees, and therefore ensures the rapid career development that rewards this dedication. Particular attention is paid to a culture of teamwork as well to interpersonal relations among the firm’s members. These elements provide employees and trainees with the opportunity to forge and maintain a personalised working relationship with the other members of the firm, while swiftly benefiting from advantages associated with larger structures. In this context, the firm is careful to offer its employees and trainees a people-oriented working environment: activities shared by firm members, access to language lessons, the provision of organic, regionally sourced vegetables or fruits, etc.

Our firm welcomes spontaneous applications at any time, addressed to XXXX

Currently, the firm is more specifically seeking: XXX