We strive to ensure that the cost of our intervention is directly proportionate to its extent. As experience shows that a fixed charge is often less in line with the client’s interests, we apply an hourly fee structure. The hourly fee is specific to each lawyer and is determined and regularly re-evaluated in accordance with the lawyer’s experience and level of specialisation.

Our reputation, our firm’s level of professionalism and exacting standards, along with the excellent results that we obtain before the court, demand that we permanently update our knowledge and ample documentary resources in line with developments in legislation, regulations, jurisprudence, legal doctrine, etc. Our fees encompass this continuous investment.

By seeking to reduce the cost of their intervention, there is a high risk of the lawyers performing their legal analyses and addressing their defence facts too quickly and without carrying out any in-depth doctrinal and jurisprudential research. This makes for a very clear opportunity to call upon the services of specialists and also academics. In actual fact, as part of their regular, written or oral contributions, at symposia and conferences as well as in publications, such specialists are of course required to be properly versed in doctrine and jurisprudence matters. Yet, this permanent training work is not invoiced as part of the dossiers.

Curbed and set with the equitable constraint decreed by the Judicial Code, our hourly charges are comparatively attractive with regard to those generally applied by specialist lawyers. As a rule, our hourly charge is 50 to 125 Euro for a trainee or employee and 150 to 300 Euro for a partner. The applied hourly rate may form the object of a specific agreement, linked for example to the importance of the dossier or the degree of urgency.

At all events, in our view it is essential that the matter of the cost of our intervention enjoys genuine transparency. On those grounds, and to make sure that the cost of our intervention is clearly foreseeable:

  • we systematically communicate our invoicing principles prior to any intervention;
  • we regularly send our clients interim fee statements and requests for retainers;
  • we remain at our clients’ disposal in order to verbally approach this aspect of the relationship of trust that we intend to build up with them.

While the hourly rate is the rule, an alternative fee structure may nevertheless be agreed within the scope of a specific agreement, in accordance with your needs.